Supporting Macintosh users for over twenty years.

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Yes! We support Macintoshes!

Helping Transition you or your company to OS X quickly and smoothly.

Recommending new hardware/software when or before you need it. Installation of hardware, software, peripherals, devices, upgrades, memory, etc. Tune-ups can mean better performance and preventative maintenance. Troubleshooting and Repair of hardware problems, software issues, conflicts between devices, etc.

303 Computers believes that computing should be pure and simple. Our shop perceives a definite importance our society places in technology yet rewe cognize the fact that tech is here to assist and aid our lives.

The usage of Apple Macintosh products in personal and professional computing tends to be more rewarding and less hassle for multiple reasons. Not the least of which is the lack of danger from viruses and spyware.

We have found in order to be an effective technology specialist, that it is important to recognize the differences between Mac and PC Operating Systems. People use these systems differently, and although the line between these platforms is less definite than years past, the subtleties of Macintosh computing is absolutely a priority when it comes to recognizing and refining our technical services.

Our company builds on years of knowledge and expertise to bring you the very best technical support and troubleshooting know-how. Whether we can help you set up your first system, or revamp your entire corporate network infrastructure, our professional and efficient methods will definitely impress you. Contact us to see what we can do for you!