Bad kitty. Tame the Lion.

A computer operating system is not something to be trifled with. On a bad day, its entirely possible that an OS could completely ruin your day! 303 Computers has Macintosh specialized professionals that know exactly how to deal with the most common and even the not-so-common situations that are causing you frustration.

We can help you with the following common problems:

OS Upgrading to new version
Clean Installation of Operation System
migrate OS to another Macintosh
restoring impaired functionality
missing files
application installation

303 Computers understands that your Mac is an important part of your life, regardless of whether its used in your personal or business life, or both! Our hands on approach and available professional education solutoins ensure the best possible outcome when you need help with your Mac Operating system, regardless of what version of kitty it is!

Just contact us!