Macintosh Data Recovery is not the same.

Data recovery can be a tricky process. That's why it is critically important to be able to make certain that you have the best technicians working for you on the process. Please note, that if you suspect data loss, it is important to stop using the system that has sustained the loss, as further use will likely make the situation worse. Let the experts help you. Here are some common items that may happen to your computer.

Types of Data Recovery

Level 1: Logical Failure (minimal data loss)
Your Mac does its best to keep all your data files organized on your hard drive, but sometimes files get confused or misplaced. This is a minor ‘failure” and we estimate between diagnostic and recovery an estimated 2-5 hours of technician time for data recovery. In this scenario 303 Computers is recovering a small batch of data files, if a database, mail, documents or photos.

Level 2: Complete Logical Failure
You may start your Mac and the machine can’t locate the drive to start-up. Perhaps your machine is functioning, but can’t seem to get to the particular file to start. 303 Computers estimates 3-10 hours of technician time to determine how bad the failure is and through our diagnostics expertise to allow your hard drive to start and as a data recovery, including data, applications, etc.

Level 3: Physical Drive Failure
There are many companies that say they can fix your mac in an hour, whilst we can quickly determine in approximately an hour the severity of the damage you want to make sure the technicians are skilled and qualified to repair your machine and not cause further damage. Dependent if you a have a comprehensive backup system in place will determine what level of technician time is required for data recovery.

Although 303 Computers does not have a clean-room on site that deals directly with the worst type of hard drive crashes, we do have long-standing relationships with multiple data recovery partners in the area who do the repair locally, without shipping out the drive, subjecting it to further potential damage.

This is only one factor among a multitude of reasons why you should get in touch with us if you are experiencing any loss of data, or if you suspect any data recovery issues, or even if you merely want to be proactive and establish good backup practices. 303 Computers is here for you!