Apple rules. Hard.

macbook pro

Traditionally, we supply our Clients with complete, set-up, installed and configured systems we offer training for after your system is set up and deployed. Due to the proliferation of Macintosh sales outlets and the worldwide launch of the Apple store, our pricing is typically not directly competitive with these stores. The value added from purchasing an Apple system from us is the free setup and configuration we offer our Clients.

You have a choice. We hope you’ll make the decision to choose superior customer care and professional set-up option of the products you purchase.  That is what makes us different. We get it right the first time around. As with any product purchase we know you have choices, but we won’t try to upsell you on equipment, it’s key for us to get you the gear you need, not what they think you need.

Because of the latent and fluctuating pricing, we keep a minimal products on hand.  That said we have multiple great partners to obtain either a good price point, or an immediate gratification with Apple product. 

Common areas where we find our services most frequently needed are workstation and network sales and setup, and wireless configuration and deployment. Please let us know what we can do for you.

More specifically, we cannot only prep the product, but we bring it out and set it up for you. The guarantee is that it will work and you won’t be ringing some number and wasting your valuable time.

We have 20 years experience with Macs. We have trained technicians at our shop. We are professional. That sums up what your 303 Computers experience will be if you purchase your computing products through us.