Migration - PC to Mac and Back!

One of the founding tenets of 303 Computers has always been understanding the importance of supporting our Clients regardless of their preferred computer platform. By considering the simple fact that it should be possible to do virtually anything you would expect to do on either a Mac or a PC, our technicians have become quite well versed in not only many aspects of a computer's operating system and user environment, but also how to move data and functionality back and forth.

Migration is possible, and also the ability to enable your system to talk within a PC networked environment, but a variety of settings and permissions need to be established. This simple but deep concept enables 303 Computers to offer comprehensive cross platform options to its Clients:

Parallels or VmWare setup and installation

Windows migration from old PC to your new Mac

Repair and backup of Windows on Mac

Migration of information from PC to Mac or vice versa

Server migrations and network setups

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. You may be surprised just how capable your computer really is when it is set up correctly and you know how to use it!