Thinking Different for a long time.

macbook air

For almost twenty years 303 Computers has been providing Mac support to home and small business Clients in the Boulder/Denver area.

Over the years, our technicians have had the opportunity to work at a variety of computer repair facilities. We have taken advantage of these circumstances to draw from the collective experiences of our technicians in order to bring the best of our abilities to the table. Presently, our techs currently work under the moniker 303 Computers. This means the conferring processes we use get refined and become the best techniques available to you, our Client.

It is important to note that over the years there are a few things that happened during the course of Mac evolution. The lineage of personal computing over the generations has run an interesting course. From the time the first computers became 'personal', they have since become ever more powerful and more compatible. One thing they have not become is less susceptible to threats. An interesting thing happened around the turn of the millennium though. Apple completely rewrote their operating system. The reason why was because they saw the writing on the wall about upcoming inherent security risks with creating a massive network of personal computers.

The story of the Macintosh personal computer is one fraught with extremes of inspiration and emulation. Although convention looks at duplication as bad, the benefit of Windows having ripped-off so much of the Macintosh operating system over the years is that there are more and more traits that are common to both operating systems. This essentially means that over the years, while Apple was being creative with more and more features within its newly redesigned secure operating system, Windows was just one feature after another glued, taped or otherwise stuck onto an inherently insecure operating system.

Without getting too into the failings of the most common operating system in the world and how it got to be that way, suffice to say that our technicians (and our firm) are cognizant of all the major operating systems out there today as well as how they got to be that way.

Our technicians would be happy to explain more about any aspects of the history of computing you may be curious about. Feel free to contact us.